Your Most Beautiful

Happy Mother’s Day week, mamas.

This is the week when the scramble for Mother’s Day intensifies – cards, gift ideas, flowers, brunch reservations and, if your kids are preschool-aged, whispered secrets about all the surprises at this years Mother’s Day tea.

And when Sunday morning comes along you’ll find me with bed-head and pj’s as the kids bring in coffee and handprint cards and whatever treasures their teachers have so patiently walked them through at school.

It’s definitely not the time I feel the most beautiful, with the pillow creases imprinted on my face just fading away. But it may be the time my kids see me at my best and most beautiful.

I remember my mom in their big bead as we all piled in for a cuddle, bleary eyes and skooching over to make room and time before we needed to get out of that bed and started on our day.

I read Amy Poehler’s book recently and this quote jumped out at me. “People are their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth, and being chased in a fun way.”

I can tell you the moment I see you at your most beautiful.

I see you at your most beautiful as I’m sitting at my computer, the day or two after your session, going through your images.

I witnessed your beauty during your session when I saw the love you have for your children, the gentleness you showed to your tween and the humour shared with your husband.

But now, sitting at my computer, I see it in the images where you’re dancing and laughing and playing and loving.

My wish for you this week, leading up to Mother’s Day, is that you may feel your most beautiful in those early Sunday moments. And that you may see your beauty, the way Amy Poehler describes it, in your photographs.

May your smile be so big that the smile lines on your face deepen, and your joy so infectious that your kids can’t help but laugh along with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who’ve been in front of my camera and all yet to be. Happy Mother’s Day to the first-time mamas who are tired but happy, breathing in the scent of newborn babe. Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas who are waking up for the first Mother’s Day as an empty-nester and may your day be just as joyful, in a different way.

Happy Mother’s Day.

P.S. I’ve rejoined the world of Instagram and I’d love to connect with you there – especially this week, when we’ll be celebrating mamas each and every day. You can find me at @jenndispirito.

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