To All The Dads… Thanks.

To all the dads who arrive at your family portrait session with a smile on your face… thank you. I realize family portraits probably aren’t the number one thing on your list of things you want to do that day, or likely even the 37th thing on your list. But the fact that you showed […]

Remember The Feeling

10 years from now, the family portraits you take today will be perfect for remembering exactly what you look like right now—your hair colour, your son’s height, your daughter’s gap-toothed grin. But what if the most important thing those family portraits help you remember isn’t what each member of your family looks like? What if […]

Improving the Parent-Child Bond

Last week I wrote about improving the parent-child bond, my response to the Globe and Mail’s article ‘The Disintegration of the Parent-Child Bond’. In my view the question should be ‘how do I instill a sense of love and acceptance in my children when they’re spending more of their waking hours with people other than […]

On Choosing Your Adornment

Deciding on the perfect frames, figuring out how you’re going to arrange them and choosing the photographs to fill them is important (obviously for us, since it’s what we’ve built our entire family portrait experience around). But those are the technical details. What’s far more important is what that wall gallery says about you. It’s […]

Let Them Be Naughty

There’s a conversation I often have with parents part way through the session as we’re moving locations or when we’re all finished and heading back to our cars. It goes something like this…. “I’m really sorry, they don’t usually act like that!” or… “I swear, they usually have way better manners!” or… “I don’t know […]

The Forgotten Age

When was the last time you had your family professionally photographed? If your kids are little, then maybe it wasn’t that long ago. It seems like family photographs are on that ingrained checklist of things we do when our kids (or at least one of our kids) can still be described as a toddler. And […]

Your Most Beautiful

Happy Mother’s Day week, mamas. This is the week when the scramble for Mother’s Day intensifies – cards, gift ideas, flowers, brunch reservations and, if your kids are preschool-aged, whispered secrets about all the surprises at this years Mother’s Day tea. And when Sunday morning comes along you’ll find me with bed-head and pj’s as […]