Birthday Portraits

She turned to look at me with big eyes and a huge smile on her face. “Really, mama? This day is just for me?”

As you can probably guess, my kids are in front of the camera a fair amount. So I was a little surprised when my daughter was so excited to head to the studio for her birthday portraits.

I photograph each of my kids in the week leading up to their birthday and I don’t know if she didn’t remember her birthday portraits from years book or if the fact that we were doing them in studio this year made them that much more special for her this year. Whatever the reason, she was pretty darn excited to have her own special day at the studio.

Simplified Sessions, held 8 times per year in our Vancouver studio, are a fun way to celebrate your child on their birthday. I have a lot of clients who come in for first birthday portraits but Simplified Sessions are even more fun as your littles get older.

As they get older, birthday portraits become a celebration of their personality and their uniqueness. And especially if they have brothers or sisters, it’s the perfect way to give them a little one-on-one ‘you are loved’ time and attention.

A birthday portraits session lets them know they are special, loved and worthy of your time, even amongst the craziness of school, work, sports and all the other activities we cram into a week.

It tells them they’re innately deserving of being displayed on the wall, absolutely, but also that they’re worthy of your time and undivided attention.

So why not take it even further? On the day of their Simplified Session, make a day of it. Come to the studio for their birthday portraits (and make sure you get in some of them too) and then go to lunch and do something they love to do – whether that be a pedicure for your girly-girl daughter or an hour browsing through Chapters with your book-loving son.

And afterwards you’ll have amazing artwork for their bedroom.

One of my favourite wall displays ever is the 9-up – a photo wall display that shows every one of their expressions. While the 9-up started with a wall of just faces, I can never resist adding in a few actions shots as well, especially for my little girl who never walks. Her speeds are ‘skip’ or ‘gallop’ or ‘twirl’. And her wall gallery reflects just that.

I adore her wall gallery. It shows every bit of her attitude and stubbornness (let’s call it determination, shall we?) alongside her sweet, happy face and dancing feet.

And she knows she is well and truly loved.

The next in-studio Simplified Session is coming up this Saturday, May 2nd and just 2 time slots remain. This will be the last weekend Simplified Session until September so if you’ve been thinking about it – now’s your chance! Call the studio at 604.866.3325 to reserve your spot.

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