What To Wear For Family Photos: The Navy Edition

As I sit here on my computer putting together outfit suggestions from some of my favourite online stores, I keep finding myself drawn to navy. The navy options in stores right now are gorgeous! I’m usually more drawn to the black/grey/camel neutrals but today the navy are pieces calling my name.

What to Wear In Family Photos: The Navy Edition

I chose outfits that are a little more glam than I usually choose for these articles. I tend to dress my family more casually for portraits but I couldn’t resist all the beautiful, elegant dresses in stores right now, and the thought of sparkly heels and fabulous jewellery.

Side note: there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing how dressy you’ll be in your family portraits. Dressy is perfect as is casual, as long as what you choose suits your family and your home. If you never wear heels, family portrait day is not the day to start.

On to the outfits…

This stunning Anthropologie dress was my jumping off point. I adore the texture and pattern and the higher neckline means you won’t have to worry about flashing the camera when you lean down to love on your children.

Because mom’s dress has a lot going on, I can incorporate this solid JCrew ruffle poplin dress which is sweet and stylish all at the same time. A sophisticated all-over geometric patterned shirt for dad and a classic checked shirt from JCrew for the boy round it out.

Ordinarily, I would incorporate another colour into the outfits to keep things interesting and not too matchy-matchy but because of all the pattern and texture, these outfits work together just as I’ve shown.

It’s definitely a more dark and sophisticated look, so the room the portraits will eventually be displayed in would need to support these outfits – and the location, of course, carefully chosen. Gastown anyone?

What to Wear In Family Photos: A Second Navy Option

If you like navy but feel like this is a little too dark for you, I would swap out mom’s dress with this other great option from Anthropologie and a grey shirt for dad.

This combination still centres around navy but it in a more bright, casual way. I also added a grey cardigan over the navy checked shirt for the boy. If you’re adding another colour into your family photo outfits, it’s nice to have that colour on more than one person to really tie things together. If you don’t love the cardigan, you could easily add some grey into the mix with grey pants for either the dad or the boy.

What To Wear In Family Photos: Tips for Incorporating Navy

If you’re loving the navy look as much as I am, here are a couple things to consider in order to really make your outfits come together.

1.  Avoid choosing white and navy as your two colours. There’s too much contrast between a dark navy and bright white, and not enough interest. Consider navy and grey or navy and camel instead.

2. Pay attention to your shoes. If, like our family, you tend to wear more black than navy, you may not have the shoes in your closet to match. Spend the extra money and pick up some shoes that work. They matter. For females, navy or nude shoes work well and for males, consider chestnut or tan.

Now let me know, which outfit do you prefer? The darker, more glam first look or the brighter, slightly more casual second one?




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