How Big Should I Frame My Family Photographs?

By far the most common question we’re asked is… how big should I frame my family photographs?

The answer? Likely bigger than you think.

How Big Should I Frame My Family Photographs?

As a general rule of thumb, you want your gallery to be 2/3 of the width of the piece of furniture over which you’ll be hanging your framed portraits.

In this room, we have a big white couch on an otherwise blank wall. The couch measures approximately 90” long so you’ll want a wall gallery to be around 60” wide.

You can use a virtually unlimited number of frames as long as the wall gallery, measured from the edge of the far left frame to the edge of the far right frame, measures 60”.

So you could do one large 40”x60” portrait like this…

Or any combination of frames like this….

Or maybe this…

For a blank wall with no furniture, deciding how big you should frame your family portraits can be a little trickier. In the case of a smaller dividing wall, the 2/3 rule still applies.

Don’t be afraid to go big for your family photographs or at least bigger than what you consider ‘normal’. Once you’ve chosen the wall where you’ll be displaying your family photographs, commit to it and fill the space appropriately.

If you’re concerned your larger portraits will seem overwhelming, consider the amount of ‘face’ in your photograph. For larger frames, use a photograph that shows your full body instead of a close-up. Photographs that show more of your environment are great for larger frames as well.

In the end, what matters more than the arrangement of frames you choose, is that they fit your space well.

Each family we photograph receives 3 wall gallery recommendations (created after we’ve seen the wall we’re designing for), each designed to perfectly fill your wall space. So if you have a session booked with us, don’t worry. We’ll do the work for you.

Now let me know in the comments…. which wall gallery do you prefer: A, B or C?





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