Steveston Family Photographs

For this family’s portrait session, Steveston was an obvious choice given that they own the uber-cute Steveston Village Maternity. And one of my favourite locations for Steveston family photographs is Garry Point Park.

The evening started out like something out of a beautiful nature film but quickly turned into Wild Kingdom! As we walked from the car to our first location we stopped to look at the hummingbirds hovering around the trees and flowers, and out in the estuary were some herons and other gorgeous birds. Suddenly we heard what sounded like two cats fighting.

Dad and the kids leaned over to check it out and it looked like two river otters (I think?!) fighting. No big deal as they were down a fairly steep hill over down by the water. Next thing we know the otters are chasing each other up the hill right to where we were taking photos! Cue some screaming (mostly from me & mom) and grabbing of kids and bags as we moved off to do portraits somewhere else for a while.

If you’ve ever been in front of my camera you’ve probably heard me say that I’ll take personality over boring any day. These kids had personality in spades!

If you’re thinking Garry Point Park is full of dead grass and maybe not the best location for Steveston family photographs, I get it. But hear me out.

Dried grasses and sand make the perfect backdrop for portraits that will be displayed in a netural-coloured home. In portraits that dried grass will fade to a beautiful buff oatmeal colour, keeping the focus on you and your family, and the unique connection you have.

Enjoy this peek into this beautiful family’s portrait session and consider Garry Point Park for your Steveston family photographs.

Jenn Di Spirito Photography clients… guess the game we played in this next one.

Thank you Fairchild family for a wonderful evening! You have a beautiful family and your kids are amazing!

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