Sisters Portrait Session in Vancouver

In the past I haven’t posted many session features on the blog but I’ve decided to do a little more of that here, starting with this sisters portrait session in Vancouver.

These three sisters have an incredible bond that made them a joy to photograph. They chattered away as we walked through the park and took turns making each other laugh once I began to photograph. They laughed and joked in a way that was both fun and showed their affection for one another.

The oldest is in her last year of high school, making this a perfect time for family photographs. In less than a year she’ll be moving away from home for university, moving this family into a different stage of life.

Of course she’ll be coming home for holidays – it’s not like they’ll never be all together in the same place again – but it’s really great to honour this time in their life when they’re still living their day to day lives under the same roof.

One of my favourite things about photographing tweens and teens is hearing about their lives – what extracurricular activities they do, what their favourite subjects are in school and what they think they might possibly want to do in university and beyond. These girls are all accomplished athletes and have incredibly bright futures.

A quick note on their session location… this field may not look like much at first glance but it makes a beautiful backdrop. In the spring it’s filled with flowers and in the summer, as it dries out, it fades to a perfect neutral beige. Now, as the first bits of rain start to fall, it starts to turn green again. Jericho Beach is one of my favourite places to photograph in Vancouver.

And the best part? It’s tucked away from the busiest parts of the park so you don’t feel like you’re on display during your session.

And, of course, we made lots of time for family portraits too.

If you’re thinking about family portraits this fall, we’re happy to recommend the perfect location for you and your family – one that suits your unique style and personality.




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