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Favourite Frames For Family Portraits

Choosing the frames for your family photographs is like choosing the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your outfit. The frames you choose for your family photograph are the final piece that tie the photographs on your wall to your room decor and an opportunity for your family’s personality to shine through.

While I have lots of framing options available, of course I have my own personal favourites. Watch below to see my favourite frames for family portraits.

All family photography sessions include a planning session in your home so we can fully customize your photographs to the room they’ll eventually be displayed in. Your session location and outfits will all be chosen keeping the décor and colours of that room in mind.

But there’s one more thing you’ll need to start thinking about… and that’s how you’re going to frame your photographs.

I’ll come up with the perfect wall gallery for whichever spaces in your home you want to fill with photographs. And when I arrive for your planning session, I’ll have all my frame samples with me so you can start picturing exactly how that wall gallery is going to look in your home.

Of course, you won’t make the final decision until your viewing appointment when you’ve seen your family photographs, but looking at the frame corners beforehand gets the creative juices flowing and keeps the end result in mind.

And it’s just fun.

My Favourite Frames For Family Portraits

I have over 60 different frames samples to choose from, and I love them all, but of course there are a few that are a little nearer and dearer to my heart. Here are my favourite frames for family portraits.

Clean & Simple White Frame

Of all the frames, this one tops my personal list of favourite frames for family portraits.

I’m a big fan of white space in all things and my home is no different. I use this frame corner here almost everywhere in my house. It really lets the photographs stand out while still giving each piece a bit of a boundary or something to hold it in.

Our home leans toward contemporary and uncluttered and has lots of natural light so this white frame really works in our space. If you have a formal or more traditional home, this may not be your best option.

Thin Black Luster Frame

This thin black luster frame doesn’t work in my space but if you have a more modern space, this is perfect. It has just the right amount of shine and makes a great clean outline to really showcase your photographs.

And of course if this is your style we’d be planning your session for somewhere really urban, with outfits to match.

Snake Skin Frame

Now I have to warn you, this one scares people away at first but it’s why I show it to you before your session so you have some time to think about it. And it really worms it’s way in… it’s one of those frames you won’t stop thinking about.

Even though it has a bit of colour to it, it does act as a neutral and the texture really gives it a little extra something. It’s like that person who always accessorizes just perfectly and has that little extra bit of style. This is that person in a frame.

Traditional Walnut Frame

I’ve shown you lots of more contemporary options but don’t worry, I have plenty of more traditional options too. This ebonized walnut frame is absolutely stunning. It’s nice dark stain plays perfectly off dark floors, and you see just the right amount of grain showing through. It’s strong and luxurious without being overly fancy, perfect for family photographs with lots of interaction and emotion.

Because it’s a thicker frame, this does tend to work best in wall galleries where all the prints are 16”x20” or larger. So keep that in mind if this one is your favourite.

Brushed Gold Frame

This last option works in traditional and contemporary spaces alike. It’s a little bit of a chameleon because it can suit you and your home whether you’re glitzy or a little more understated and elegant. If this is one of your favourites we’ll definitely want to hold up to the walls in your home as it doesn’t work with every paint colour but, if it does work with your décor, it’s gorgeous.

So there you go, some of my favourite frames for family portraits. Of course, the one you choose for you home is going to be the one that suits your style and decor the best but, just for fun… comment below and let me know which one of these is your favourite.

And you want to see all these frame corners in person, call the studio and we’ll schedule your complimentary design consultation.

P.S…. did you see the personalized “How To Hang Your Jenn Di Spirito Photography Wall Art” guide that’s now included with all portrait orders? If not, check it out at the bottom of this post here…


  1. I love picking what frames to use for photos! Right now my living room is all black frames, but for our next apartment I’d love to mix in a bunch of wide white frames. 🙂

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