How Far Apart To Hang Pictures?

Not sure how far apart to hang pictures? The most common mistake I see when people hang photographs on their wall is choosing frames that are far too small to fill the space.

*Want to know what size the photographs on your wall should be? I talked about that a few months back….

The second most common mistake is that the photographs are hung too far apart.

How far apart should I hang my photographs?

Ideally, you want your family photo wall gallery to be one cohesive unit, even though it may be made up of multiple photographs.

So how far apart should I hang my photographs? The amount of space between each frame will vary depending on the size of your frames, but a good rule of thumb is to leave between 1-1/2” to 2” of space between each frame. My preference is 1-1/2” but whether you go with 1-1/2” or 2”, you’ll want to keep that number consistent throughout your entire gallery.

Let’s take a look at the difference proper spacing in your gallery makes using our “client” Jane and her family.

Jane recently had a family photo session in Vancouver and decided she wanted three 16”x20” prints to fill the space above her sofa. So she happily orders the prints and gets to work hanging them on her wall. She, doing what many people would do, hangs the first print dead center, then lines each of the remaining prints up with the ends of her sofa.

The result? Not that great.

Some of you are looking at this thinking “I’d never hang my photographs like this, what’s she talking about?” but some of you are cringing a little because this is exactly what your living room wall looks like right now. No judgement here, mama, it’s an easy fix.

Back to our story… So Jane tries again, this time leaving just 1-1/2” between each frame.

Much better, but those photographs are still floating there a little bit.

This time Jane drops them down a bit more so they’re anchored by the sofa.

Perfect! And definitely worth the effort of having to fill those nail holes she made during her first couple attempts.

And for the record… Jane could have gone with a much larger wall gallery to fit this space.

I get that this can be a little tricky. And there’s a big stretch from putting your photographs on the wall and knowing there’s something you could be doing better to knowing exactly what better is.

To make sure your wall gallery looks amazing on the first try – and so you’re not asking yourself “how far apart to hang pictures?” and “which ones goes where?” – we now include hanging instructions with your purchase.

Along with your prints, you’ll receive your own customized guide to “How To Hang Your Jenn Di Spirito Photography Wall Art”. Not only does it detail which photograph goes where (just in case you forget once we deliver your portraits) but it also lets you know exactly where to hang them, how far apart and in what order to ensure your photographs are placed perfectly.

Dying to get your hands on your own personal “How To Hang Your Jenn Di Spirito Photography Wall Art?” Check session availability and book your family portraits today.

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