What Do Your Business Headshots Say About You?

I’m always a little conflicted about the photograph I use on my About Me page.

99% of the time I don’t believe your kids should be in your business headshots. Even if your clients are primarily mamas, your headshot should reflect you and the work you do, and appeal to your ideal client.

I’ve thought about changing the photo on my About Me page many times. In fact, I was just about to switch it out again, and mentioned it in passing to a client.

She let me in on a moment she had with her daughter earlier that week. This mama had my website up on her computer and her daughter (who I’ve photographed a couple times) walked by and said “that’s the lady who’s always in the pictures with her kids”.

And therein lies my reason for using that photograph.

I talk regularly about the importance of you, mama, being in the photograph with your littles. It’s something I believe in wholeheartedly and the reason I do what I do. So I guess I’m in the 1% of people who should have their littles in their headshot.

But what does that mean for you?

Your business headshots need to reflect you and your business the same way that my headshot reflects me and my business.

Your business headshots need to truly reflect you.

If you are fun, lively and vibrant, your headshot needs to scream colour and life. If you’re a little more reserved and witty, your headshot needs to reflect that instead.

All manner of emotions can be reflected in a headshot through posing, lighting, outfit choice, composition, etc. But most importantly, you have to know yourself, who you are and what you want to communicate to the world.

Action step…. Think of 3 words that describe you and your business. Now look at the headshot you’re currently using and ask yourself if your headshot is saying what it needs to say.

Your business headshots need to be intentional.

Take, for example, a life coach. We’ll call her Sarah. Sarah coaches work-at-home mamas to help them find balance in their home-based business and family life. Her ideal client is a stressed out mama who lives in her yoga pants and works in between runs to the school, soccer practice and gymnastics.

Now meet our other life coach, Allison. Allison works with executive women to advance their already high-powered career and make the most of the time with their family. Her ideal client lives in a suit during the week and is used to being in a corporate atmosphere.

Sarah and Allison could have chosen the same 3 words to describe themselves personally but their target clients are very different. And that means we would need to develop a completely different strategy for each of their headshots.

Action step…. Make some notes about your ideal client and how you want that client to feel when they first meet you online. Does you current headshot reflect that?

Your business headshots need to be professional.

There is a huge difference between professional and stuffy. You can have a fun and relaxed headshot that is still professionally posed, well lit and beautifully edited.

Avoid busy backgrounds, a photograph that’s too light or too dark and wrinkly clothes. And if you can see someone else’s shoulder in the photo (because you cropped your head out of the family photograph taken at your cousin’s wedding) you can definitely do better.

Action step…. Take a good look at the headshot you’re using now. Is it professional – one you’re proud of when you see it on LinkedIn or your About Me page?

If it is time for a new headshot that reflects you and your business, the next in-studio headshot day is coming up on Wednesday August 13th. Call the studio for more information and to reserve your space.

And make sure you have your action steps from above ready to go so we can put together the perfect session for you!

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