What To Wear In Your Family Photographs | Incorporating Floral Patterns

Trends are a tricky thing when it comes to your family photography session. Because you’ll want the family photographs hanging on your walls to be timeless, I generally suggest avoiding trends. Nothing will date your portraits faster than a neon pink crop top.

But the floral trend this summer is just too cute to pass up. And with so many possibilities for both you and your littles, this is one trend that can be incorporated timelessly when deciding what to wear in your family photographs.

1. J.Crew Baby tunic and bloomers in Liberty Nina Taylor floral   |   2. Zara baby floral dress   |   3. J.Crew Baby dress in Liberty pepper floral   |   4. Gap Kids floral hi-lo dress   |   5. Gap Kids toddler floral shirtdress   |   6. J.Crew Girls’ dress in Liberty Emma and Georgina floral   |   7. Wilfred minou camisole   |   8. Wilfred sevres blouse   |   9. J.Crew sleeveless drapey top in cove floral

A couple suggestions to get you started…

* Choose the floral pattern first and build the rest of the outfits from there. If your little girl is in a floral dress, pull one colour for your little guy’s pants, one colour for your top and a netural for your husband. Perfect coordination, without being too matchy-matchy!

* Consider going a little more neutral with a tone-on-tone floral. You still have the interest and texture of the floral pattern without being quite as in your face about it.

* As always when deciding what to wear in your family photographs, make sure the floral pattern you choose works well with the décor of the room your wall art will be displayed in. Lay your outfits out on the couch, next to your throw pillows, curtains and any other colourful accents in the room and make sure you like how it all works together.

* If you’re still feeling a little unsure about the whole floral thing, pair a floral blouse or dress with a solid cardigan over top. Not only will it break up the pattern but it will add an extra layer of texture as well.

And if you’re feeling especially brave… try combining 2 floral patterns.

I love this sleeveless floral top from JCrew paired with this dress from Gap Kids. Here I’ve paired it with a chambray shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course!) and some dark green pants for your little guy and a navy sweater for dad. Keeping the other members of your family in more solid (but still colourful) options helps balance things out. And can I just tell you how much I adore coloured pants on boys!!

If you’re a dress girl, this beautiful floral dress for you works beautifully with this Gap Kids grey floral dress, a slightly-more-casual long sleeve tee for your little guy and this faded bluegrass cashmere sweater for your husband. If you want your little guy a little more dressy you could put a collared white shirt underneath and roll the sleeves up together or swap it out entirely for a polo or button-up shirt.

Which look is your favourite?

P.S. I am dying to photograph a little girl in the Zara dress and the Crewcuts tunic and bloomers. If you’re in Vancouver and you own (or want to buy) those cute little outfits, and have a little girl to go with them, call me and we’ll set something up. M’kay?


  1. Hi Jenn, who would have thought floral! looking at your layering wow it does work:) A photographer’s eyes sees much more.

  2. Seriously impressive looking blog post, and so helpful! I’m usually not the kind of person who thinks about this stuff (my last family photo featured ketchup all over my toddler’s face), but I’ll definitely think about it more now! I love the floral trend, too and these are some great ideas!

    1. You’re welcome for the tips Salma! The best thing you can do before your photography session is to lay all the outfits out on the floor and see how they all look together. If it’s a little on the boring side, add some pattern. Easy peasy. 🙂

    1. Having your daughter in an outfit she loves is half the battle! 🙂 Just pull a couple colours out of the floral pattern for the rest of the family’s outfits and you’re set.

  3. Great suggestions. I always feel clueless when it comes to dressing for photos. I appreciate the input. Great combos 🙂

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