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What to Wear For Family Photographs | Part 1: An Overview

By far the most common question I get from my clients – and often the biggest stressor for mamas when it comes to family photographs – is what should we wear?

Today I’m happy to share with you the first in a 3 part video series – What to Wear For Family Photographs.

In video 1 I’ll give you an overview of what to wear for family photographs, including my general tips and tricks and the rules that every family must follow.

In the coming weeks I’ll share video 2 where I’ll show you how to get started and choose the first outfit for your family photographs starting with you, mama. And in video 3 I’ll show you how, based on the outfit you chose for yourself, to select outfits for the rest of your family.

You will incorporate colour, texture, pattern and your own personality in your outfits – ensuring that we’re well on the way to creating some amazing family photographs for you and your family!

Of course, all family photography sessions come with an in-home planning session where I’ll help you finalize the outfits for your family session. But this series will give you a great jumping off point to make your initial selections.

Let’s get started…..

What to Wear For Family Photographs: Tips and Tricks

What’s your style? Make sure your clothing choices reflect your family’s style and your home’s décor whether that be casual and laidback or modern and glam.

You do not all need to dress the same. In fact, please don’t! You wouldn’t dress in identical outfits to go out for dinner so there’s no reason why you should dress the same for family photographs.

Your outfits should coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. Put everyone’s outfit in one big pile on your bed. The colours, textures and patterns should have a bit of variety and all compliment each other without being too homogenous.

The Rules

  • Avoid anything with one big logo or picture on it. All over pattern is great but one picture or character in the middle of your little one’s shirt will draw your eye in the photograph. You want the attention to be on you and your family, not on one person’s shirt!
  • Avoid trends as they will date your photographs really quickly. Neon anyone?
  • Pay attention to shoes and socks. When you sit, pant hems ride up giving everyone a peek at your socks. Use this to your advantage and choose some fun socks for dad or your little ones. And nothing will wreck an outfit faster than putting your littles in old gym runners because you forgot they grew out of all their nicer shoes.
  • Everyone’s clothing needs to be well-fitting. If something is too small in real life, it will definitely look too small in photographs. And be careful with loose, flowy clothing – especially for mom! While over-sized shirts look great in person, they can look boxy in photographs.
  • Finally, make sure you try everything on before your session and wear it around your house for an hour or two. If your shirt rides up and requires constant adjusting in your home, it will for photographs as well. And you want to be comfortable and confident on photo day! I broke this rule for our most recent family photographs and regretted it….

I know that’s a lot of info to digest but come back next week and I’ll show you how to apply it, selecting the perfect outfit for you to wear in your family photographs!

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