What to Wear For Family Photographs: The Calamina Dress

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote my last What to Wear for Family Photographs article, and I didn’t have any intention of writing another one quite so soon.

And then last week I stumbled across a dress online. The angels may have started to sing.

It’s the Calamina dress from Anthropologie and I LOVE it. The neckline, the scale of the pattern, the length…. everything. It’s feminine and elegant and spring-y and beautiful. The only downside for me is the waistline. I like an empire waist on me better than a drawstring tie that sits right at the waist though this waist looks like it may sit a little on the high side so I think I’m going to be okay with it.

And even though I fell in love with the dress for myself, I couldn’t resist designing a what to wear board around it.

While the Calamina dress isn’t terribly formal, I do think it lends well to dressing everyone else up a little, as opposed to dressing the dress down.

For dad I envision a well-pressed button-up shirt, but with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow to make it just a little more relaxed. I’d pair a grey checked shirt with a pair of dark grey wool pants and a black lace-up dress shoe.

Because there’s pattern in both mom and dad’s outfits I went with solids for the kids, though both the boy outfit and the girl outfit have some nice texture.

For the daughter I chose this pastel pink lace dress from Zara. Side note… this may be my new favourite girl dress for photographs. My little girl loves pink but the colours in your outfits need to work with the decor of the room the photographs will be displayed in, which can be tricky with pink. This is a very faint pink that reads almost as ivory, which means you get some ‘girliness’ in the photograph without having to worry about it fighting with your room decor.

For the son, this grey denim shirt is perfect; not too casual, but with a little bit of personality in the way it fades. Pair it with black pants to match the formality of the rest of the family. If you like a more polished look then he can wear dress shoes, but if that’s really not his style a pair of clean black chucks will round the outfit out nicely.

Calamina dress / Ludlow Traveler shirt in spring windowpane / lace dress / grey denim shirt

So, what do you think…… do you love the Calamina dress as much as I do?!