What Type of Photos Should I Put On My Wall

The end goal of your family photography session isn’t that you have a great family photograph. The end goal of your session is that you have amazing family portraits on your wall that make you smile (and maybe even tear up a little) every time you see them.

And the photographs that make you smile every time probably aren’t going to be the ones you think they are. That photograph of all of you smiling perfectly at the camera is great (and I’m definitely going to take it for you because we all know grandma wants that one) but it’s not really you.

So, you’re thinking…. what type of photos should I put on my wall?

At your viewing appointment, as we’re choosing the image to fill the big anchoring portrait for your wall gallery, I’m going to encourage you to choose the photograph that made you cry. Not the perfect one – the one you think you should hang on the wall – but the emotion-filled one that will bring you joy each and every day.

Yes, you can put a photo of your son being silly and your daughter belly-laughing on your wall. Won’t you love that more than a ‘say cheese’ smile from both of them?

Displaying a photograph where everyone isn’t starting at the camera actually sits a little easier on your walls. Consider your living room…. a large portrait of everyone looking at the camera means a lot of eyes staring at you when you walk into the room.

In contrast, a large portrait of your family interacting and loving on each other shows the spirit and joy of your family without being quite as in your face as a more formal portrait.

I can still incorporate that more formal portrait into your wall gallery – it is a nice photograph, after all – but your gallery will have more impact and, more importantly, bring you more joy if the anchoring photograph is filled with emotion.

Your family photographs are more than just something you do every year. Your family photographs show your littles they are loved and cherished and belong to something greater than themselves. And not just once. The family photographs on your wall daily reinforce that you are their tribe.
Photographs of your littles giggling with each other or holding your hand or riding on dad’s shoulders let them know that they are loved and accepted.

And they also let you know, mama, that you are an important member of your family and that you too are cherished and loved.

In the end, I’ll make sure you have family photographs that do just that.


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  1. Definitely—Last year I did a Christmas card solely because I loved the picture so much. I think one person was looking at the camera, but there was so much love and happiness and fun in that picture. I should get that one on my wall.

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