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Because a few people have asked and because I don’t want to forget what happened….

My due date was either March 23rd or March 31st depending on which date you used. I knew my true date was March 23rd and the ultrasounds confirmed the 23rd but I wasn’t too worried about it since I was sure this one would come early. After all, it was my second baby, right?

With Angelo I went into labour 5 days after my due date and he was born two days later but I had been having braxton hicks for the past month (which I hadn’t had with Angelo) and this baby actually dropped (which Angelo never did until I was well into labour) so no way that would happen again.

My pregnancy was fairly easy with Angelo and this one was no different – at least until the last month and a half. Nothing was wrong I was just so unbelievably tired and really really sore – though I think that had as much to do with chasing after and picking up a 3 year old than anything.

March 23rd came and went with no sign of baby. And then the subject of being induced was broached. Not from my mouth – I did NOT want to be induced.

While my pregnancy with Angelo was great, the delivery was not. I pushed for 3 hours and had some pretty major complications afterward. But that was just a freak thing and I was sure this time would be different. I was going to stay at home as long as possible since I knew they wanted me monitored and with an IV as soon as I got there this time.

Anyway… my doctor agreed we could put March 31st in my file which would mean being induced April 6th. But again, no big deal. This baby would surely come on it’s own.

Fast forward to the Easter long weekend. Still no sign. And because my doctor’s office would be closed, I needed to head to the hospital for non-stress tests. One on Friday, two on Saturday and then they decided I’d be good until Monday. If there was still no sign of baby I’d be induced on Tuesday, April 6th.

Did I mention Jim’s 40th birthday fell on the Sunday? And since there was no way I could make a big 40th birthday party work at 42 weeks pregnant (or with a newborn, which is what I thought would happen), we had both our families over – 14 people – for an Easter Sunday/40th birthday party instead.

Monday at 11AM we went in for our non-stress test and by noon they had decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to go any longer and I was induced. We headed home only to return at 6PM for a scheduled check-up. This time they decided to break my water so we were there to stay.

I knew I didn’t want to labour in bed so they hooked me up to a portable monitor so we could walk the halls. We walked and walked and active labour started a couple hours later. The best way for me to get through the contractions was standing up with my upper body leaned over onto the raised bed. Unfortunately the cordless monitor kept losing signal. Since there was no way I was getting in the bed one poor nurse had to crouch down and hold it tightly onto my belly. I’m pretty much in my own little world when I’m in labour and don’t have anything bad to say to anyone but that nurse didn’t get to see my best side that night since I really wanted to just be left alone.

I ended up getting an epidural at 11PM but it didn’t really work. It was enough to give me a bit of a break between contractions but it didn’t do much more than that. I started pushing at 11:30PM and at 12:45AM things started to get a bit scary again. I wasn’t 100% sure what was happening but when you look around and realize there are about 10 medical staff in the room, you know that’s not a good thing. Some final pushing and at 1:00AM our beautiful baby girl entered the world.

I will never forget (with either of my kids) that heart-stopping moment when you wait for them to cry and for someone to tell you that everything is okay. She was whisked away pretty quick but a few minutes later I had her back in my arms. She was big and healthy and started eating like a champ. Around 1:30AM when they were still working on me, I suddenly turned to Jim and asked him to take her and then everything went black. I’m anemic and have low blood pressure on a good day and this wasn’t what I’d call a good day for my body. They put in a second IV and pretty soon I was feeling better.

We had one boy name picked out and a couple of girl names but Grace was
always the front runner. It’s not a family name but we loved the sound
of it and the meaning and it worked well with Angelo. Anne is both my
middle name and my mom’s middle name so we knew that would be here
middle no matter what.

So that’s the story. Another not-great delivery and another really not-great recovery but it’s 8 weeks later and I’m feeling like I can finally start to get moving again. Not the best birth story in the world but she was totally and completely worth it.

Grace Anne Di Spirito
April 6th 1:00AM
9 pounds 15 ounces




  1. Oh Jenn, that’s quite the story. I’m glad you are feeling better and that Grace is doing so well.

  2. She is so beautiful!! And now you have two exciting birth stories!
    My middle name is Anne too. Great choice!!

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