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Loving the Way You Look and Feel in Your Family Photographs

Over the next couple weeks, I’m letting you in on the ‘why’ of why I photograph families the way I do, aka my manifesto. You can get the general overview here, and read about the first two points here and here.

With just a little extra attention during your photography session, you will love the way you look and feel in your family photographs.

Are you smiling and nodding, excitedly looking forward to seeing you and family together in your photographs? Or are you nervously shaking your head thinking you really aren’t going to love the way you look in your photographs? The latter is generally more common, but it doesn’t have to be.

Half the battle of loving the way you look and feel in your photographs is fought before I even pull my camera out of my bag. By alleviating all the little things you need to worry about before the session, the day of your session becomes a joyful day at the park or a fun, hip outing in Gastown.

We’ll start with figuring out exactly what you and everyone else in your family is going to wear. And I mean everything, right down to the shoes and socks. At your planning session we’ll hop from closet to closet, first picking out the outfit you look killer in, and are comfortable in too. From there we’ll build out the outfits for the rest of your family – and hide them away until picture day so they’ll be in tip top condition.

Now that all the outfits are chosen, it’ll be even easier for dad to get them ready on the day of your session. You heard that right. Dad will be getting your littles dressed while you’re being pampered by one of my hair & make-up artists. Obviously you’re going to look great with your hair & make-up professionally done, but more important you’ll feel great after that hour of relaxation.

Finally we come to your session. You’re now looking great and feeling great so leave the rest up to me. I’ll get you playing and jumping and laughing with your family, all the while gently directing you so you’re photographed only at the most flattering angle.

Sound good? I hope so. And I hope you realize you can easily leave the experience in my hands and trust me to help you look and feel great in your family photographs.

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