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A Visual Growth Chart: Creating Your Nursery Wall Gallery

Photographs are meant to live and be enjoyed on your wall. And I have always been particularly enamored by the idea of a Visual Growth Chart for a babe’s nursery.

Imagine walking into your babe’s nursery and seeing not just the portrait from your most recent session displayed on her wall, but a beautifully framed gallery of your little girl from birth until now.

Photographs aren’t just a static visual representation of who your babe is at one point in time. They’re a living moving story of who they were and who they’re becoming.

You look at your photographs, sigh and have a million stories flashing through your memory. Remember when…..

Remember when we first brought her home and she slept so peacefully in our arms for hours on end those first few weeks… and then woke us up every two hours wanting to eat during the night.

Remember when she was 6 months old and would bang her hands on the floor, letting us all know she was sitting up on her own.

Remember when we celebrated her first birthday and she would stand up on her two wobbly legs and clap her hands while looking around the room to make sure everyone was watching.

Your visual growth chart is the perfect encapsulation of all those moments in one stunning nursery wall gallery.

The Visual Growth Chart Process

At your planning session, before your babe even arrives, we map out your nursery wall gallery with the end in mind. The simple and most modern gallery involves three framed and matted portraits, displayed in a row above the change table in your nursery.

While obviously we won’t be choosing outfits for your 6 month and 1 year sessions at that time, we will decide on a colour palette to ensure all the images in your Visual Growth Chart work well together.

Your Nursery Wall Gallery After Your Newborn Session

Your newborn session takes place when your babe is between 3 and 10 days old.  I’ll do the perfect mix of those sleeping-babe-asleep-on-a-blanket photographs along with the family photographs of you and your babe in the house you brought her home to.

Because you want your nursery to have the perfect wall gallery right from the beginning, after your newborn session we’ll fill your gallery with three beautiful prints from your session. But they won’t all be staying there forever.

Your Nursery Wall Gallery After Your 6 Month Session

Six month old babes are some of my favourite to photograph. At this age, babes are generally happy and so very proud of themselves – and more than willing to play peek-a-boo with me behind the camera.

Six months is a guideline but what we’re really looking for in this second session is for your babe to be sitting unassisted. So if she’s not quite sitting up on her own at 6 months, hold off a few weeks until she is.

After the session we’ll swap out the middle portrait in your newborn gallery, so you’ll have a newborn photograph on either side of one of your 6 month old sitting on her own.

Your Nursery Wall Gallery After Your First Year Session

How fast a year goes!

At this session your babe will be standing, if not on her own than with a little assistance. Since your last family photographs were a year ago, this is the perfect time for a beautiful family session in the park.

We’ll play and capture some great family images along with that perfect 1 year old image for her Visual Growth Chart.

After your little one’s first year session we’ll swap out that final newborn photograph and you’ll be left to enjoy your beautiful wall gallery of your babe throughout her first year.

Your Visual Growth Chart is complete!

Would you like to start planning the perfect wall gallery for your little one’s nursery? Even if you’re newly pregnant, call today to reserve your newborn session and we’ll get start planning your babe’s Visual Growth Chart.


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