a wish for you this Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day this weekend, let me tell you what an amazing job you’re doing with this whole mama thing. You, the one who works on spelling words at the kitchen table, hands out band-aids and makes sure their lovey is tucked in beside them each night just right. Because we both know that if you do it wrong you’ll be hearing about it the second you’re tip-toeing quietly down the stairs…..

You don’t need me to tell you about the amazing job you’re doing. Hopefully there are enough people in our life who do that for you. I am grateful daily for the mama tribe who supports me both as a friend and mama but also as a business owner and creative who has something to say.

You don’t need me to tell you how hard mothering is or how under-appreciated we are. Because, on the vast majority of days, the good definitely outweighs the bad around here and I hope it does for you too.

I know our job as mama can be hard but those ‘hardest job in the world’ memes rub me a little the wrong way. Yes we’re on duty 24/7 and yes a lot of days this mama thing is tough. But my littles are pretty incredible and I wouldn’t trade a day of it.

Well maybe just one, but you know what I mean…..

That sweet morning-breath kiss on the cheek I get after a night of nightmares and potty trips and ‘fix my blanket!’ make that extra cup of coffee (or four) I need to get through the day 100% worth it.

What I want to do instead, mama, is celebrate you. In a joyful, smiling, belly-laughing, hands thrown in the air sort of way. Being a mama is awesome.

Yes there are crappy days, and heaven knows I don’t have the balance thing down even sort of a little.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t always do it with a smile on your face. I do my best but every day in this house isn’t exactly a Norman Rockwell painting, nor would I want it to be. But every single day is filled with hugs and kisses and cuddles and “good job’s”, and love.

My littles know I love them every single day in a million different ways. And I bet yours do too.

This Mother’s Day, my wish for you is that you would find gratitude in the everyday moments, love in the messily created crepe paper preschool flowers, and a sense of peace that you’ve got this.

Today I wish for you happiness.

I wish for you lightness.

And, at the same time, I wish for you a depth of love – both for your littles and from your littles, that you never imagined possible.

Happy Mother’s Day, mama, you got this.


  1. These days especially, I am in complete awe at the depth of love I feel for my boys and the utter joy that fills me (almost) every time I look at them. This mama thing pretty much rocks and I’m totally down for celebrating it! Happy Mothers Day Jenn!

  2. Beautiful words and photos, Jenn. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, friend! I wish the same things for you this Mother’s Day too.

  3. It’s always lovely to have a reminder that we’re doing our best, and it’s what our wee ones need. Gorgeous pics – I need some new (professional) ones with my girls!

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