My Biggest Regret When I Was Pregnant? The Maternity Photographs.

My biggest regret when I was pregnant with our youngest?

I have just two photos of me while pregnant with her.

Me, of all people, with just two photos. I know better. I talk constantly about making sure that you’re in your family photographs, and I didn’t take my own advice. And I do practice what I preach… I have photographs of our family done every year… but I just didn’t have any taken when I was visibly pregnant.

I could give you lots of excuses. I was busy trying to fit everyone’s sessions in before my maternity leave, I was going to set up my tripod and do some self-portraits, etc… But the truth is, I just didn’t make the time. And I feel silly about it because I know better.

And not just silly, I actually feel sad. Our oldest doesn’t remember a time when it was just the three of us. And even though there are a tonne of photos of the three of us together, there aren’t any in those last few months of us as a family of three.

And I’m sad for our youngest. She was loved and cherished and anticipated from the beginning. And yet, I don’t have any portraits from all those days and months I carried her; evidence of all those days she was loved.

As much as I talk about being in the photographs, I just didn’t make the time for it. I needed to be intentional about getting in front of the camera that last trimester, and I wasn’t.

Please, mama, don’t make the same mistake I did. Make time for maternity photographs.

Celebrate who you are as a family before your new addition arrives. Whether you’re a family of two welcoming your first or you have a little at home already and you’re waiting for his little brother or sister.

Show your little one how much they were loved, right from the very beginning.

Maternity photographs aren’t just about capturing how big your bump was or how you looked when you were pregnant. Maternity photographs are about capturing your relationship – the relationship between you and your new babe while she was still in your belly and the relationship between you and your family the way they are now in the weeks before your life changes forever. Your love for each other and the new babe you’re expecting is palpable, and beautiful to photograph.

It’s important, mama. Make time to get in front of the camera.

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  1. Makes me sad too. I don’t think I have more than a couple snapshots of me when I was pregnant with my youngest. Seems like life is so busy at that point… but what a wonderful gift to give your family as it truly is a beautiful moment captured in time. (Those photos might also help my oldest understand that the two of them were not in my belly at the same time as he seems to be convinced!)

  2. Love this! I’m a little worried I’ll be the same way (too busy photographing others, to be photographed myself!), so this is a good reminder! (not that I’m actually pregnant right now, but you know – for the future! 😉

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