Why I Love The Family Photograph

These three beside me in this photograph? They are my tribe.

Whatever else happens in our little world, good or bad, I’ve got their back and they’ve got mine.

That right there is the reason I love the family photograph so much. Whatever else happens, I want our little people to know that they belong. They are ours and they are loved and cherished and adored – even when they’re driving me absolutely crazy.

The best way to remind them – and myself – of that is with the family photographs plastered throughout our home.

We literally fill every inch of our home and I love it – both the house itself and the fact that we fill it so completely.

It’s not toys and mess and kids stuff everywhere. In fact, stop by on a day when they’re both at school and our house is actually quite serene. Except the playroom, of course, which is not serene in any way shape or form. You’ll need to pick your way through a mess of Lego pieces, Playmobil guys and birthday tea parties for the baby dolls and stuffed animals if you’re passing – or should I say wading – through there.

But when you walk through our front door, it’s a happy space. One where you know that the little people who live here are very much loved.

I remember a few years ago when there were a number of design articles making the rounds on the interwebs. They were all about how you shouldn’t display family photographs on your walls, that it somehow wasn’t sophisticated or ‘done’. Family photographs were not considered art-worthy to the people in the know.

I couldn’t disagree more. And thankfully there are so many lovely designers in Vancouver who support decorating your walls with artwork of the people you love most in the world.

Our family photographs are displayed on the wall right next to our other (non-photographic) original artwork. And without those family photographs on the wall, I feel like our house would be missing a little of it’s soul.

Perhaps it’s because of the photographs I choose for our walls. They’re never the ‘perfect’ ones – the ones with all of us smiling at the camera. They’re the ones that make you feel. They’re filled with quiet cuddles and boisterous laughs and, well, us.

They’re the ones that make me feel, and my husband feel, and our littles feel. They’re the ones that remind us that we belong to each other. And that each of us are important. And the each of us are cherished. And that each of us are loved.

Above all else, that is what I wish for each member of my family – that they know they are truly cherished and loved.

And that’s why I love the family photograph.

our family photo courtesy of the lovely Andrea Hanki of Edmonton, AB



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