Jericho Beach family photography

This is it, mamas. September 1st.

Our oldest asked me the other day why summer was only 2 months long and all the other seasons were more than that. I had to explain that summer wasn’t exactly over when the calendar flips over to September. But doesn’t it feel that way?

Even though we still have the early rising sun and the warm evenings, there’s just something about back-to-school and activities starting up again that signals these long days are coming to an end.

And that also means the end of late evening photo sessions when the sun seems to go down forever. Before too long the leaves will be changing and I’ll be constantly checking weather forecasts and planning back-up dates for sessions in case of rain.

The air is just different in the summer. The way the sunlight travels through the air in that last hour before a summer sunset is thick and warm and lazy. It always makes me think of kids running around in dirty bare feet and families lounging on a picnic blanket way past their littles’ bedtime.

Summer evening sessions just have a different feel.

One of my favourite places to photograph in the summer is Jericho Beach. Technically the location of your session doesn’t matter all that much. When you look at your family photographs you will always take in the way your family laughs and loves on each other before you notice the location.

But there is something so quintessentially summer-in-Vancouver about a family session at Jericho… the beach with the Vancouver skyline in the background, the shortly trimmed somewhat-still-green open rolling fields, the thickly forested area of towering trees and, my favourite, the secret hideaway of long grass and wildflowers tucked just off the trail.



And best of all? Kicking off your shoes at the end of the session and feeling the cool sand between your toes.

Right now I only have two openings left to really take advantage of these gorgeous summer nights. Interested? Call the studio today to hold your spot.

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  1. Your photos are lovely! My wedding photos were taken at Jericho beach. My photographer arranged for us to drive there. I was so nervous and a bit wired after the church ceremony that I was barely aware of where we had gone. It didn’t really sink in until later. Oh we were at Jericho! We arrived at the end of Earth Day celebrations. I guess this shows you the state of mind a bride can be in.

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