Home For The Holidays

Update: The Home for the Holidays announcement went out to our VIP subscriber list on Thursday and there are now only 4 spots left. If you’d like to reserve one for you and your family, call the studio today.

Christmas is my favourite time of year which is why I am so excited to be announcing something that embraces all the love, joy and togetherness this time of year symbolizes.

Today we’re kicking off the Home for the Holidays family portrait event.

What is Home for the Holidays?

For many of you, your family isn’t together all year round. But thankfully Christmas is a time that families are reunited and enjoying time together. Which makes the holidays the perfect time for a family portrait.

Home for the Holidays is a family portrait event running from Sunday December 27th through Saturday January 2nd.  Typically the last day of the year I photograph is in mid-November but this year I’m opening up my calendar again the week following Christmas for this special event.

Why Home for the Holidays?

Here’s the thing with family portraits…. over the years I’ve found that most families make portraits a priority every year or two when their kids are toddlers, somewhat less frequently when the kids are school-aged and then not again until one of those kids is either in a wedding dress or a tuxedo.

Home for the Holidays is your chance to have an amazing family portrait now. It’s a time to celebrate your family and remember these days, especially for those families who aren’t together throughout the year.

Who is Home for the Holidays For?

Home for the Holidays is for you if you aren’t surrounded by your family the other 51 weeks of the year. If this is you, it’s likely you fall into one of two camps…

For some of you, one or more of your kids have graduated high school and are going to university or working somewhere outside the province. You’ve gone from hearing about the minutia of their life every morning over a bowl of cereal to quick updates by text and a longer chat on the weekend. Your house now has a different kind of quiet.

But some of you, when you hear home for the holidays, think of your extended family – your brothers and sisters living far away, coming to Vancouver to spend the holidays with you here. For you Home for the Holidays is all about an amazing portrait of the entire family together; really the best gift your parents could ask for. And if that perfect portrait of all of you together will be a gift? We have beautifully packaged certificates all ready to go that your parents would love to unwrap on Christmas morning.

What’s included with a Home for the Holidays session?

With a Home for the Holidays session you’ll get everything you usually get from us… help choosing outfits for all the members of your family, a custom wall gallery design for each household and of course our signature style of gently posed portraits (so everyone looks great) filled with emotion and connection.

The session fee is $250 and includes everything listed above. All prints, wall galleries, digital files and other products are purchased separately at a viewing appointment two to three weeks following your session. You can read more about the experience and pricing or you can request our product guide and we’ll send it all right to your inbox (remember those camps up there ↑).  Let us know which one you fall into so we can be sure to send you the correct information.

Booking for these spots is now open but there are only 6 sessions available so contact the studio today for full details and ensure that one of those coveted spots is yours.

I hope we see you and your family when you’re home for the holidays.