Our Family Portrait Wall Gallery

Last month I confessed that I still didn’t have the images from our last family session (over a year ago) up on the wall.

Drumroll please……

Our family portrait wall gallery is up on the wall!

I’m a clean and simple girl at heart so this 7/8” glassless simple white frame is perfect for our personal style and home décor. Our space is bright and open and really suits this white frame where a heavy black frame might not.

The arrangement itself is contemporary and symmetrical – four 14″x20″ prints.  I have four art prints displayed similarly elsewhere in the room but I knew that was coming down soon to make room for a cool family wall that I have planned.

I posted last week about how movement and love are two of the most important aspects of a session when it comes to family photographs and these images have captured that perfectly. The images certainly focus on our littles but my husband and I are present and engaged in all of them. I love that you can see how much we support them.

That look on my face as my son is being silly? So me (and him too). And the way my husband is swinging our daughter by the arms. So them.

I’ve wrote at length about why you should display family photographs in your home. And I believe that those images need to not just be of your littles. Those photographs on your wall should include, at least in part, images of you loving on, cuddling and playing with your littles.  What better way to build their confidence and sense of belonging and give you the perfect reminder of how great this little family of yours really is, especially on the hard days.

Earlier this month on the Facebook page I asked you which images you needed to get up on your walls (either on your harddrive or shoved under your bed waiting for the day you have time to go buy frames). Consider this your inspiration – and dare I say, challenge – to get those photographs on your wall where you can enjoy them.

And if you think you need some new family photographs to fill your walls, I can help with that too.

By the way…. if you’re wondering how I chose what we wore for these family photographs, I have a 3 part what-to-wear video series coming next month that explains my process.


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