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Family Photographs in the Kitchen

Think wall galleries only belong over your fireplace or sofa? While living rooms are the most popular spot for a wall gallery, it’s certainly not the only room we design for.

It’s one of the reasons we do an in-home planning appointment before each session. Having you take us on a tour allows us to identify spaces in your home you may have over-looked that could benefit from a wall gallery.

One of my personal favourite rooms for a wall gallery is the kitchen or dining room, especially if you have a breakfast nook.

My home has family photographs displayed throughout (no surprise, I’m sure) but the ‘gallery of honour’ – as I like to call the portraits from our most recent family session – is above our dining room table.

Family portraits are the most personal kind of artwork you can choose for your home. But even more important than their aesthetic value, is the benefit to your children’s social and emotional well-being.

Family photographs displayed on the walls of your home have a profound impact on your child’s sense of self-esteem, acceptance and belonging. This effect comes from your child’s daily, subconscious exposure to the family photographs displayed in your home.

By displaying the photographs in the room where they’re sitting 2-3 times each day, eating meals or doing homework, you really up their exposure.

A contemporary or modern room looks great with a symmetrical grid of framed photographs. And in the kitchen, an asymmetrical gallery can be a nice contrast to a wall of cabinets.

Very casual eating spaces lend themselves well to a ledge with a mix of different sized framed portraits layered along the shelf. Keep in mind you’ll need to leave a lot of clearance so heads don’t get banged on the corner of the shelf.

Still not convinced? Check out our Pinterest board for some beautiful examples of displaying family photographs in the kitchen and dining room.

Regardless of whether your room is traditional, classic, contemporary or modern, a family portrait wall gallery is a great complement to the room that truly is the heart of the home.

Have you considered hanging family photographs in the kitchen or dining room?

P.S.… if you’re in the Lower Mainland and are wondering if a family portrait wall gallery would be suitable for your kitchen or dining room, sign up for a complimentary design consultation and we’ll be happy to let you know!

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