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Displaying Family Photos

Your family photographs deserve to live on your walls, not just inside your computer. Your home should be decorated with contemporary heirloom-quality artwork of those you love most in the world.

Seeing our family photographs on the wall everyday brings a smile to my face. I have professional photographs of our family at various ages and stages hung all throughout our home. Each time I see them I remember my littles’ quirks and whatever we were going through at the time.

We are a family that loves each other huge. My husband and I love our littles and love to be around them. But it’s not always perfect. There are times when we fight a little more than others. And there are days when we’re all really busy and don’t get as much time with the four of us all together as we’d like. And on those days, the photographs that live on our walls are a great reminder of just how much we really do love each other.

Last week I wrote about how the photographs of everyone interacting and loving on each other will likely be the ones you love the most. Well those are the ones that live on my walls. Those are the ones that remind me just how great a family we are.

Are digital files important? Sure they are. They’re great to have for archival purposes and to reprint as gifts for family and friends, which is why I provide a high resolution file of every image ordered. But I don’t believe they should be the (only) end result of your session.

The problem with digital photographs is that they generally live on our computers where we’re not interacting with them everyday. Sure we all post to Facebook and have the latest image at the ready on our phone. But we’re not interacting with them in the same way as we do when you walk past them to pick the pillows up off the floor, evidence of the fort that gets built multiple times each day. And they’re not hanging in the hallway where you can walk past them into your little’s room to help them get dressed for school.

In the coming week I’ll be sharing examples of how I display family photographs in our home as well as other walls and spaces I love. Have questions about how to display photographs in your home? Comment below and I’ll answer them this week.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the sadness of digital photo files living ONLY on the computer. That’s why I started project life. It forced me to print stuff constantly (and a side benefit is I print stuff for friends/family all the time, too). And yes, getting the photos up on walls is BIG. I have frames and rotate prints in and out. 🙂

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