Why Display Family Photographs

You know the scene. Dinner is on the table and I’m refereeing the latest war of words while helping separate miniscule pieces of onion from the rest of the food on their plate. Because obviously cutting the onions as small as humanly possible wasn’t disguising their presence. I let out a long breath, paste a smile on my face and, as I begin to lift my gaze back up, the family canvases on the dining room wall catch my eye.

There are a lot of family photographs displayed in our house, a lot.  In fact, except for the bathrooms, I can’t think of a room that isn’t in some way graced by portraits of those I hold closest.

Why Display Family Photographs In Your Home

Displaying photographs on your wall isn’t just a great way to decorate your home. According to psychologists, children whose parents display family photographs around the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging than those whose parents don’t. Photographs in the home make children feel valued and gives them an ingrained understanding of where they come from.

The same thing goes for us, as mamas. Seeing those family photographs on your walls can give you a sense of peace when life is crazy; the memory of a beautiful afternoon spent laughing and playing and loving on each other in the park.  And it’s more than just remembering one afternoon, one day earlier in the year. It’s not just about that one moment of love at all, but all the moments of love in the days and weeks and months that led up to it.

When I look at the images on our wall, I remember how sweet he looked with his long hair just grazing his shoulders and the way she would make that funny little face every time the wind blew and she got a little chill. And then I think, yes those days were great, but these days? We’re heading into some pretty amazing days here too, even if the way they’re playing nicely one moment and screaming at each other the next makes me want to tear my hair out.

Not to mention, those photographs make pretty amazing artwork for my walls as well.

P.S.  As part of my commitment to helping you look and feel beautiful in your family photographs – and help you display family photographs in your home where you can enjoy them every single day – I am very excited to be launching framed wall galleries this month, complete with an in-home design consultation even before I photograph your family. Want more information? Sign up for the newsletter to be kept in the loop.


  1. This is so good, Jenn. Love seeing all those photos up and peeks into your home. We have some photos up but not nearly enough. You’ve inspired me to add more.

  2. Hi – Can you tell me what size these canvas are above? I really like the layout! Any suggestions on where to get pictures printed? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stacey, those were all custom sizes. The big one is 18″x26″, the bottom one is 14-1/2″x25-1/2″ and the two others are 10″x12″. It would be tricky to replicate that gallery unless you went with somewhere that does custom sizing as it’s hard to find a long skinny one like the one on the bottom. I don’t have any recommendations for canvas as I’ve yet to find a consumer lab that compares to the quality of a pro lab but for prints, I recommend https://www.pixportal.ca/.

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