The end goal of your family photography session isn’t a bunch of digital files languishing on your computer. The end goal of your family photography session should be beautiful portraits of your family adorning the walls of your home.

But I know so many of you struggle with how to turn those Pinterest-inspired visions of the perfect gallery into reality. The biggest mistake people make? Putting a ‘big’ 11”x14” above the sofa. No matter how amazing the photograph is, an 11”x14” print in a 90” space just isn’t going to look right.

Choosing a perfect wall gallery is more than just figuring out a layout and selecting your frames, though that’s certainly part of it. Your photographs can be art, but they need to be hung in the right way with the right frame to fit your décor, the right mood to suit your room and, most importantly, the right size to fill the space.

Your perfect wall gallery is actually created before your session even takes place.

Your perfect wall gallery is created when we specifically select a location and outfit choices that complement the style (traditional or contemporary), colours (warm or cool) and tone (formal or informal) of your space.

Your perfect wall gallery is created when I’ve designed a framing arrangement that suits you to a tee. Do you like symmetry or does your family’s personality lend to a more eclectic arrangement? Are you formal and dressy and would suit a portrait with everyone looking at the camera or are you more relaxed and need something a little more dynamic?

My talent (or superpower, if you will) is in looking at your wall and knowing the perfect arrangement to fill that space. I’ll give you some options, of course, but relax knowing that I can transform your family portraits into true works of art.

Finally, your perfect wall gallery is created when we fill that space perfectly. Maybe you’ve decided a contemporary 40”x50” unmatted print framed with a thin black frame is perfect for your space. Great, but a close-up of your faces isn’t going to look quite right in that scenario. Do you know what would? An epic photograph of you and your husband pulling your kids in for a hug with the North Shore mountains framed in the background.


Knowing the design and vision for your perfect wall gallery before your session ensures I photograph your family in just the right way.

What next? View our portfolio, take a look at portrait pricing and then contact the studio or book your session so we can begin designing your perfect wall gallery.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our sample wall galleries.