Beautiful Family Portrait

Today’s manifesto recap is one that’s very near and dear to my heart.

A beautiful family portrait isn’t always made up of everyone smiling at the camera (though we’ll get that one for grandma). The way you love on your tribe and who you are as a family shines more beautifully on your face than any make-up you apply.

Who doesn’t love an hour of pampering with a hair & make-up artist? I know I do – especially the artists I work with; they are truly gifted at what they do. But the thing that will make you look the most beautiful isn’t having a skillfully applied smoky eye.

The thing that will allow your beauty to shine through the most in your family photographs is the look on your face as you smile at your little’s cuteness. Or the quiet joy on your face as they wrap their arms around you and give you a kiss.

So don’t worry, I’ll get the shot of everyone smiling at the camera for grandma. But the images that will find their way deepest into your heart will be the ones that show you doing what you do best – loving on the ones you kiss goodnight to at the end of every day.

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