sour cream pound cake from A Year of Cakes cookbook

A Year of Cakes: Week 1

For a fleeting moment when I read Julie & Julia, the thought ran through my head that I should do a project like that. Except that I don’t enjoy cooking that much and there were a whole lot of gross ingredients in that cookbook. And then I saw the movie and the thought went through […]

newborn looking at camera

The birth story | Vancouver Newborn Photography

Because a few people have asked and because I don’t want to forget what happened…. My due date was either March 23rd or March 31st depending on which date you used. I knew my true date was March 23rd and the ultrasounds confirmed the 23rd but I wasn’t too worried about it since I was […]

newborn in white onesie on green rug

Grace @ 1 month old | Vancouver Newborn Photography

She’s here! I’ll post her birth story in a few days (less the graphic details) but, in the meantime, here is our beautiful Grace at one month old. She has the most gorgeous baby leg chub ever! A few things I want to remember about one month old…. – she already weighed over 11 pounds […]

pregnant belly against a purple wall

What to Wear | Vancouver Maternity Photography

What to Wear Part 3: Maternity Session On to the final installment of what to wear for your family photography session. Today’s post covers what to wear for your maternity photographs. If you missed the first two posts about what to wear for your photography session, check out: What to Wear for your Family Photography […]

newborn wrapped up on black background

What to Wear | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

What to Wear Part 2: Newborn Session Naked is best – for your baby that is! Most of the photographs I take will be with your baby in his or her diaper or in the buff. Please make sure you put on loose fitting clothing for the few hours before our session. We don’t want […]

jcrew 2009 pastels

What to Wear | Spring 2009

What to Wear Part 1 : Family Session You’ve booked your session and you’re excited that you’re finally going to have great portraits of your family adorning your home, when suddenly you get a sinking feeling in your stomach. What are you going to wear? This is definitely the question I get asked about most […]