3 Ways To Gift Family Portraits This Christmas

The gift of family portraiture is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give this Christmas – whether it be a portrait of all the grandchildren together for your parents or a wall gallery filled with contemporary emotion-filled portraits for your spouse.

But it’s already the beginning of December so you’re out of time to have an actual portrait wrapped and ready to go for the 25th. And, ideally, you want the recipient to be part of the session and still be surprised.

So what do you do?

Here are 3 ways to gift family portraits this Christmas and still have something beautiful wrapped under the tree.

1. A Gift Certificate

Probably the most traditional idea is a gift certificate. We provide them in any denomination, complete with whatever message you choose, beautifully packaged for Christmas. If you want a more traditionally wrapped gift we’re happy to wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper as well.

Then, in the new year, you can call me to book your portrait session.

2. A Frame Just Waiting To Be Filled

My favourite idea is to have your child draw a family portrait. Take the drawing, mat and frame it and add a little note saying it will soon be filled with a new family portrait. The session can be booked for early next year and the gift certificate can be purchased for any amount you want and tucked into the box with the frame.

Here we’ve used the BOD wood frame from Opus.

It’s a sweet way to make your gift even more personal.

3. A Home for the Holidays Session

If you want your family portrait session sooner rather than later we still have a few spots left in our Home for the Holidays event running in the days before and after Christmas. These sessions are open to everyone but are even more poignant if you have a college-aged child coming home for Christmas or extended family from out-of-town celebrating Christmas in Vancouver this year.

For you we have this sweet little house ornament you can wrap up under the tree. I’ve added this gold washi tape so you can write your own saying – something along the lines of “We’re glad you’re home for the holidays. Family portraits are scheduled for December 29th.” One of the fine point black sharpies works great for that.

If you’re going this route, I recommend you reserve one of our last sessions in December. This gives your recipient time to decide on outfits and get their hair done, if they wish.

So those are our 3 ideas for ways to gift family portraits this Christmas. Let me know which one is your favourite!




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